Vegegrow Seaweeds Extract-Organic Fertilizer for Aquaponics

VEGEGROW seaweeds extract is an organic vegegrowplant food and BIO-STIMULANT derived from seaweed extracts. It is a combination of three (3) tropical seaweed species in a carefully prepared unique formulation. It has an extensive beneficial effect on the growth and development of crops while generally increasing resistance against biotic (pest and diseases) and abiotic (environment) stress. Its effects can also be seen long after harvest because it can improve the post-harvest quality shelf life of crops. It contains all the essential nutrients (macro, secondary and micro elements) in a naturally chelated form making them readily available for plant use plus growth stimulants (phytohormones), amino acids, alginates, enzymes, and mannitol.


VEGEGROW seaweeds extract is specially formulated as a multi-crop, multi-functional plant supplement that can be applied as foliar spray, soil conditioner, seed soak, and rooting solution. It can also be used in fertigation and hydrophonic systems.


VEGEGROW seaweeds extract is compatible with other supplement and can complement and improve the effect of other farm inputs. It is non-toxic, non-burning and eco-friendly and is highly recommended for nature and organic farming systems.


VegeGrow Components:

  • Essential Macro and Micronutrients and other beneficial elements
  • Simple and complex carbohydrates
  • Growth hormones such as auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins
  • Mannitol – a natural organic chelating agent
  • Amino Acids
  • Alginates


VegeGrow Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Nitrogen (N)  0.30%vegegrow
  • Phosphorus (P2O5)  0.23%
  • Potassium (K2O)  1.13%
  • Sulfur (S)  345ppm
  • Magnesium (Mg)  30ppm
  • Calcium (Ca)  71ppm
  • Boron  2.30ppm
  • Molybdenum (Mo)  0.20ppm
  • Copper (Cu)  1.23ppm
  • Zinc (Zn)  4.19ppm
  • Manganese (Mn)  4.87ppm
  • Iron (Fe)  20.88ppm
  • Cobalt (Co)  0.50ppm


Plant Growth Regulators:

  • Auxins  0.051%
  • Cytokinins  0.078%
  • Gibberellins  0.080%
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