Phosphorus Deficiencies in Aquaponics



Phosphorus deficiency is most often manifested as purple coloring of the leaves, particularly the leaf veins. In severe cases the whole plant may take on a purple hue.phosporus_deficiency_aquaponics
One of the quickest and easiest ways to spot a phosphorous deficiency is by the purple color that will often show up in the plant leaves. Then you will have leaves that will have dead brown spots on the leaves that will sometimes look as though the leaves have been squashed.
You will also note that plants that are stricken with this deficiency will tend to be spindly with sparse growth although reaching near normal height. In some cases the leaves will will appear dark green to bluish green. The purple color is normally found on the bottom side of older growth leaves. Sometimes tomatoes that are grown at too low of a temperature will show the sames signs, so yet another reason to keep your water and air temps at a tolerable level.
Be advised, phosphorous in your water can cause an algae bloom if sunlight is allowed to get to the water, through the sides or tops of fish tanks or grow beds.

Correcting Your Phosphorous Deficiencyphosporus_deficiency

For all PH Levels we treat one of two ways.

  • Super Triple Phosphate (Chlorine Free) Hard to find but we do carry it.
  • Rock Phosphate-becoming more rare.
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