Iron Deficiency in Aquaponics


Iron Deficiencies

Iron deficiency is pretty easy to spot in most cases as it shows up on most all of the new growth of your plants. The tomato plant below is in an Aquaponic system and shows a severe lack of iron. The strawberries also show a lack of iron.iron_deficiency_aquaponics
The yellowing is between the veins of mostly new growth of most plants. If old growth is affected as well, look for other possible deficiencies.
There are two types of “Iron Chelate” to treat iron deficiencies. Recommended to use a weekly to maintain iron levels in your system water. The available soluble iron in the system water depends greatly on the PH of your system. Before you order and dose your system, make sure you know your PH and know where it stays most of the time.

Correcting Your Iron Deficiency

  • PH at 7.5 and below, you will use FeDTPA iron chelate.
  • PH above 7.5 you need to use FeEDDHA iron chelate.
  • FeDTPA is available to plants from around a PH of 6.0 to 7.5 and then drops off quickly above that.
  • FeEDDHA is available in a PH range from the high 5’s to the mid 9’s on the PH scale.
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