Hatake Organic and Probiotic Fertilizer for Aquaponics

Hatake Organic and Probiotic Fertilizer contains good bacterium Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens D203 with the specifiation in resisting mold, bacterium pathogen, and the deterrent to Anti-shrivel on the plants and can help the process of decomposition in the soil.

Hatake is a 100% chemihatakecal free organic fertilizer with Pesticidal and Fungicidal properties.

Each 100 grams of Hatake contains millions of good bacteria that will help to speed up the breakdown of any organic compounds in your soil thus using in long term will re-condition back your soil to its optimum productivity thus insure healthy and organic crops.

Hatake can be easily diluted in 70-100 litters of water.


HATAKE Bio Fertilizer is manufactured by HATAKE Harvest Philippines Inc.

Benefits of HATAKE

  • Increase yield by 30%-40%hatake
  • One week advance harvest
  • Increase 100% nutrient absorption rate
  • Acts as pesticide and fungicide
  • Boost root growth and make them more stronger
  • Plants grows faster and healthier
  • Eliminate toxins caused by chemical fertilizer and pesticides in the soil
  • Regain soil fertility
  • Remove plants physical stress prevent replant failures
  • Improve brix (sugar content) & natural color of fruits and vegetables


We are looking for area dealership..for inquiry please send us a text at 09277528085.

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