List of aquatic fish species that works well in Aquaponics system.

Many aquatic fish species are suitable for Aquaponics, and they are normally proven performers in intensive aquaculture. Fish species for Aquaponics need to be able to handle the artificial tank environment, be held at density and accept and grow on a commercial pellet. There are other fish species which are quite suitable for Aquaponics, that might be available in your local area. Below are lists of some popular choices for your Aquaponics system:

tilapia in aquaponicsTilapia is one of the more popular of all the fish that are used in the Aquaponics systems. It is very simple to breed them and they grow relatively quickly. They are also resilient to bad water conditions, and much like the Silver Perch, are omnivorous, not to mention they taste delicious.  Their only downfall is that they do require warm water, so maintaining them in cooler environments will be tricky.

barramundi in aquaponicsBarramundi are often grown in Aquaponic systems through the warmer months of the year. Barramundi that is grown in an Aquaponic system has an exceptionally clean, crisp taste. Growing your own Barramundi excites guests and is the envy of neighbors. They provide a decent harvest at the end of the season and are one of the more majestic species of edible fish.

catfish in aquaponicsCatfish. There are many different species of catfish around the world that are well suited to Aquaponics system. Channel catfish are the most widely farmed aquaculture species in the United States, and they are available in many areas of Australia. Catfish don’t have scales so they need to be skinned, they are quick growing and have a good food conversion ratio.

trout in aquaponicsTrout are a great fish for Aquaponic systems and much more ideal for those of you who are living in the cooler parts of the world as they do not require warm water. Trout prefer water temperatures between 10°C and 20°C. They have extremely fast growth rates and excellent food conversion ratios.They are faster growing than normal fish and have a great food conversion ratio.

silver perch in aquaponicsSilver Perch are a good all round native Australian fish that grow well under a variety of conditions. Perch are omnivorous and will happily eat green scraps as well as Duckweed and Azolla. They grow within a wide temperature range, though they’re not as fast growing as many other fish, taking 12-18 months for fingerlings to grow to plate size.

carp in aquaponicsCarp. There are many species of carp that could be very well suited to Aquaponics system. Carp are considered a very ‘oily’ type of fish that lives in freshwater situations. They are found mostly in Europe and many different parts of Asia. Carp can easily combat the extreme temperature changes and conditions that come with an Aquaponics system.

jade perch in aquaponicsJade Perch make excellent candidates for Aquaponics system. They are hardy, grow fast and taste good on the plate. It has the highest levels of omega three oils of any fish species in the world. Jade Perch perform best in water 6.5-8.0 pH and temperature 18-32C. Jades are one of the better growth performers in aquaculture and accept pellets and do well on a low protein, high fiber diet.

goldfish in aquaponicsGoldfish is very popular in the Philippines and easily available in pet shops. Goldfish are generally pretty tough and make a great addition to an Aquaponic system. The goldfish is a domesticated version of a dark-gray/olive/brown carp native to east Asia that was introduced to Europe in the late 17th century. A relatively small member of the carp family.

koi in aquaponicsKoi. Once again, another species of carp, but better known as “Koi” rather than carp. Koi are very common within many Asian communities specially in the Philippines and they are often found in large ornamental ponds. Their use for ornamental ponds attests to their toughness and ability to withstand weather extremes. For those who love Koi, an Aquaponic system is a great proposition for stocking the fish.

murray cod in aquaponicsMurray Cod are a magnificent native Australian fish, known to grow to enormous sizes in their native habitats. Murray cod are grown in recirculating aquaculture systems, and can also been grown in Aquaponic systems. One of the downfalls is that they must be kept at high stocking densities, and kept well fed otherwise they cannibalize each other.

white bass in aquaponicsWhite Bass. A Midwestern species, the white bass is an excellent edible fish species that you should also consider stocking. Unlike the tilapia, the white bass is carnivorous and it can feed easily on small crabs and smaller fish. In the wild, a single white bass can lay as many 900,000 eggs during the active spawning season.

crappies in aquaponics

Black/White Crappie. The black crappie is a silvery-green to yellowish fish with large dorsal and anal fins of almost identical shape and size. The sides are marked with black blotches which become more intense towards the back. The dorsal, anal, and caudal fins also are marked with rows of dark spots. Crappies have compressed bodies, small heads and arched backs.

prawns in aquaponicsPrawns. Other aquatic animals that can be incorporated into an Aquaponic system are fresh water mussles, fresh water prawns, and fresh water crayfish. Mussles are a filter-feeder, and do a great job of helping to clean the water, they will happily grow in flooded grow beds, or can be incorporated into fish tanks. For those in tropical areas there’s Redclaw, a fast growing native Australian species, and for those in cooler areas there’s Yabbies or Marron.

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  • efren

    where can we buy red tilapia and giant tilapia not those native.

    • Admin

      I don’t know what kind of tilapia you are looking..just send me pix or give me the type..there are 4 types I’ve known so far the Wami, Mozambique, Blue, and Nile tilapia. I don’t know which one is the giant breed. I’ve also looking for the red one. As soon as i found seller in cebu,i’ll inform you. We will include this on our online store soon.