Hatake Organic and Probiotic Fertilizer for Aquaponics

Hatake Organic and Probiotic Fertilizer contains good bacterium Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens D203 with the specifiation in resisting mold, bacterium pathogen, and the deterrent to Anti-shrivel on the plants and can help the process of decomposition in the soil. Hatake is a 100%¬†chemical free organic fertilizer with Pesticidal and Fungicidal properties. Each 100 grams of Hatake contains […]

Vegegrow Seaweeds Extract-Organic Fertilizer for Aquaponics

VEGEGROW¬†seaweeds extract is an organic plant food and BIO-STIMULANT¬†derived from seaweed extracts. It is a combination of three (3) tropical seaweed species in a carefully prepared unique formulation. It has an extensive beneficial effect on the growth and development of crops while generally increasing resistance against biotic (pest and diseases) and abiotic (environment) stress. Its […]