how aquaponics works

How Aquaponics Works

A basic Aquaponics system consists of a fish tank with fish, a grow bed with plants, and electricity that power a water pump. Also commonly used are air pumps and additional bio/mechanical filtration components. Aquaponics ecosystems must have the proper balance to maintain healthy fish and plants.   In an Aquaponics system, fish eat food […]

Bacteria and Worm-Important Agent in Aquaponics System

Bacteria and worms play a significant role in your Aquaponics system. They are responsible in converting ammonia, liquid waste, and solid waste from the fish to plant food. Without them, your Aquaponics will surely fail! I. Nitrifying Bacteria While there are literally hundreds of types of bacteria that will home into your Aquaponics system , […]

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What is Aquaponics

With the increased number of population in the world, even someone who has not studied Economics will know that in the long run, there will be a shortage of the global food supply. There will come a time that agricultural sectors can no longer cope with the increased demand for food. The simple economic model […]