Calcium Deficiency in Aquaponics



Calcium-deficient plants are stunted, having distorted, cupped leaves and characteristic interveinal chlorosis. Symptoms appear first on new growth. On fruiting plants such as tomatoes and squash, blossom end rot will occur.calcium_deficiency_aquaponics2
The easiest to detect calcium deficiency symptom is BER. First a darkened spot appears on the end of the fruit furthest away from the stem. It will grow larger and that part of the fruit will likely become sunken into the the fruit. The color could be grey or brown as well as shades in between.
Please note, that if you have dosed too much potassium in your system, your plants may show signs of a calcium deficiency, if this is the case, stop adding potassium and use calcium chloride to get some calcium to your plants quickly. Most water has plenty of calcium in it when it is added to an AP system, so you may want to have your water tested and see where yours stands early on before you start dosing anything.

Correcting Your Calcium Deficiency

For PH from 7.0 and up!

  • Calcium Chloride applied in a spray form on plants only.calcium_deficiency_aquaponics3

For PH that is below 7.0 and dropping or drifting down!

  • Calcium Carbonate (our first choice)
  • Hydrated lime
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