Zinc Deficiency in Aquaponics

Zinc is great in small quantities Zinc is a plant micro-nutrient – which means that it’s only needed in small quantities – but don’t be mistaken; Zinc, as an important component of many plant enzymes, is crucial to plant growth. Without enough zinc, these enzymes can’t be produced and many essential plant functions slow down […]


Calcium Deficiency in Aquaponics

Calcium Symptoms: Calcium-deficient plants are stunted, having distorted, cupped leaves and characteristic interveinal chlorosis. Symptoms appear first on new growth. On fruiting plants such as tomatoes and squash, blossom end rot will occur. The easiest to detect calcium deficiency symptom is BER. First a darkened spot appears on the end of the fruit furthest away […]


Magnesium Deficiency in Aquaponics

Magnesium Deficiencies Symptoms: Magnesium deficiency starts on older leaves. They show interveinal chlorosis on the leaf margins and some whitish to light brown necrotic dots. If deficiency is severe, interveinal chlorosis progresses from the margins to the middle of the leaflets. The small veins also become chlorotic, but the bigger veins remain dark green first. […]


Potassium Deficiency in Aquaponics

Potassium One of the easiest deficiencies to spot on plants. Symptoms: Potassium deficiency is characterized by a cupping or “puckering” of leaves and affects older leaves first. Leaf cupping is usually accompanied by a slight marginal chlorosis, with the leaf margins dying especially at the tip in severe cases. Leaf symptoms are accompanied by abnormal […]


Hatake Organic and Probiotic Fertilizer for Aquaponics

Hatake Organic and Probiotic Fertilizer contains good bacterium Bacillus Amyloliquefaciens D203 with the specifiation in resisting mold, bacterium pathogen, and the deterrent to Anti-shrivel on the plants and can help the process of decomposition in the soil. Hatake is a 100% chemical free organic fertilizer with Pesticidal and Fungicidal properties. Each 100 grams of Hatake contains […]